Fri, March 6, 2015

 Mora High School Physical Education students shared their "fitness oomphys" with 3rd graders March 15.  High School students led the 3rd graders through some fitness activities while sharing why "Fit IS it!" in their lives.  Dressing up in "healthy" food choices helped the high schoolers raise enthusiasm for "Fit IS it!"


Local Bagpiper Presents at Trailview

On March 23, Dr. James Williams gave a bagpipe demonstration to the 5th grade students at Trailview. The bagpipe was introduced to the students during their general music world instruments unit. They really enjoyed seeing and hearing the instrument live in the music room. Dr. Williams brought 4 different bagpipes and played each one for the students. He gave a brief history of the instrument, explained how it works, talked of his inspiration on why he decided to learn to play it and answered many thoughtful questions.


Folk artist Ross Sutter visited Trailview on February 15th. He visited with the 5th graders in the music room and talked about the homemade instruments they had just made. He shared some of his homemade instruments, demonstrated the Appalachian dulcimer and also played a fun dancing game with them accompanied on his accordian.

The 6th grade band and choir students from Trailview took their annual field trip to Minneapolis on Feb. 2, 2012.  They attended a wonderful concert by the Minnesota Orchestra titled Pictures At An Exhibition. A special feature of this concert was  student artwork projected on to a large screen during a featured orchestra selection. The students created their artwork in Mrs. McGraw's art class and she submitted them to the orchestra. Following the concert  they visited the Walker Sculpture Garden and enjoyed seeing the many outdoor sculptures on display. The picture is a photo of the group in front of the favorite Cherry and Spoonbridge. Following lunch at the Northtown Mall food court they returned to Trailview and headed home to share memories with their families and friends.



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