Saturday, February 28th, 2015

Volunteer Program

Make a difference......volunteer!

We need you!

Alaine Johnson, Volunteer Facilitator

320-679-6240 ext.4407


Who Can Volunteer: A volunteer can be any nonpaid person including parents, young adults, senior citizens and community members who have a genuine interest in enhancing and enriching the lives of students and strengthening school-community relations.

A volunteer is many things:

  • An extra pair of hands
  • An extra measure of personal warmth
  • A valuable special resource for classroom enrichment
  • A bridge between the instructional program and community

As a volunteer you will be investing in the future by freely sharing your time and talents. Students, staff, and our schools will benefit from your wisdom and presence. Volunteer an hour a day, an hour a week, an hour a year or whatever fits your schedule.

Sign In: Each school office has a volunteer log book for you to sign and an identification button for you to wear. Please remember to sign in and out each time you volunteer. A record of the number of hours you've spent as a school volunteer will document your presence in the building and provide information for recognition.

Confidentiality: The foundation of all school volunteer programs is confidentiality. While volunteering, you may observe, read and/or hear much about individual children and their school or home experience. It is of utmost importance that you respect the privacy of all students and never repeat anything about individuals or staff.

Dependability: Please be prompt and consistent. If you are late or unable to fulfill your commitment, please call the school office. We understand there will be times when you are ill or unable to volunteer for good reason. If you anticipate an absence, please notify the staff as far in advance as possible.

Supervision: Your immediate supervisor will be the staff person you are assisting. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to bring them to his/her attention. Suggestions and opinions are always welcome. In addition, don't hesitate to contact Alaine Johnson, Volunteer Facilitator. It is the professional staff, however, that are responsible by law for the decisions that are made regarding the instruction of students and the management of the school. Student Contact As a volunteer you will meet many delightful students. We know you will enjoy working with them. However, volunteers should not telephone students, visit them at their homes or meet students off school grounds without permission from the parent(s).

Student Discipline: Volunteers are to report all discipline problems to the teacher, principal or staff person in charge of the area. The responsibility of all discipline rests with the professional staff of the school.

School Policies: All school policy handbooks are in each office. Feel free to ask a staff person to view the handbook if you have any questions regarding school policies. All staff and volunteers are expected to observe school policies. Volunteers must fill out an information form before they are contacted to help. If you did not receive one, please contact any of the schools' secretaries for a form.

Dress and Behavior:  Take your lead from the staff and dress appropriately for the tasks you are doing. Your behavior and conversation should serve as good role models for students.

Mandatory Reporting As a mandated reporter, you are required to report when you have knowledge or any reason to believe a child is being or has been neglected or physically or sexually abused. Please report any incidents or suspicions to a staff person. All reports are confidential.

Alaine Johnson, Volunteer Facilitator

320-679-6240 ext.4407